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ECR Photon Flux Simulation

Calculation of UV/VUV photon flux inside the electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) chamber has been modeled with an ECR Photon Flux code. It is based on the typical plasma lines (Ar I, Ar II, and other mixture spectrum of the plasma gases and processing materials) and probability of excitation of the full possible UV/VUV domain (40nm~400nm). Plasma properties such as electron temperature and density are measured by Langmuir probe as input parameters. Photon flux is thereby modeled as a function of the magnetic field profile, microwave power, and pressure. Runs of the code show promising result: the total photon flux and Argon I photon fluxes match well with the experiment measurement from the monochrometer. Magnetic field profile is being taken into account to further improve the accuracy of the model and provide more details on the localized UV/VUV flux profile inside the chamber.